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11 June 2011 @ 02:36 pm
Dear friends,

It has been a wonderful time using LiveJournal for the past seven years. I have gotten to know many people across the globe and LiveJournal was "the place" to connect. As for the local people, this has been a very closed circle where we could share and talk about things that couldn't exist anywhere else.

Perhaps the years of National Service and becoming a student at a University has taught me a few lessons and made me reflect about some decisions. Seriousness aside, it also gave me some new insights and I have decided on what sort of things to do next.

I have moved to a new website, www.dejiki.com. It runs off Wordpress.


Why the move?
My LiveJournal has been well, pretty much a personal journal. Over the past year I have stopped updating about my personal life (it all went to Twitter and hand written into a Moleskine journal) and the uploaded content became more "open". I decided to keep a weblog for articles, such as photo logs, reports and reviews.

What's going to happen to your LiveJournal account?
Essentially, most (417) posts have been marked as private and this will remain as an archive for old entries. There are some posts that are missed by LJ's Mass Privacy Tool. There are a lot of entries that were written on a whim - so the lesser seen, the better. I will be sieving through the entries and some will be ported over to my new website.

Are you still coming back to LiveJournal?
Yes! Although I am no longer updating, I will still check back on my friends list often and comment (as frequent as I can). It is just that new entries will no longer be posted here.